29 mars 2013

Are you an entrepreneur ?

  • You're developing your activity in innovative services.
  • Your offer (a the projects, services, or both) is targeting end-users or professionals.
  • After testing your project among users, and a first feedback from the market, your business model is fine tuned.
  • Signals tell you about a great potential and a need for short-term fundings.
  • Your needs ranges from €300,000 to €5 million.

15 investors, venture capitalists, funds, we'll attend on Friday, March 29, in the evening, to watch a series of pitches offered by surmising entrepreneurs, including you…

The entrepreneurs Bankside is supported by the city of Bordeaux and has been initiated by and for partners working in the field of digital economy and having recently successfully passed the various steps of fund raising.

A Taylored Coaching

To help you in presenting your project and maximizing your conviction power, the intrapreneurs downside with offer you the coaching service a few weeks before the event.this coaching will be carried on by a respected professional, who will be your ally and will also be the Keynote speaker of the evening

Want to take part?

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How to take part?

Are you an investor?

perfLooking for performance, reducing risks are investors’ main challenges.
“New economy” is showing an attractive growth pace on the long run, the cost of seeking and finding real assets is now on the agenda.

Markets readiness or customers’ behaviours can be very different within family of services and products.

The talent of the wise investor: spotting companies close to the tipping point when fresh funds will speed up the growth.

Selected projects

The projects to be shown in the context of the “Entrepreneurs’ Bankside” have something to do with innovation or digital economy. They’ve not been selected by an institutional expert’s committee but by entrepreneurs, gathered in an organization, sharing a fresh successful experience of fundraising.

The purpose of the event is to offer you a quality framework to meet the projects and promotions assess their interest.

The Entrepreneurs’ Bankside will provide them with a special training intended at making the meetings more efficient and better answer your key question:

  • Risk factors?
  • Innovation in the project?
  • Feedbacks from the market?
  • Coherence of the founding need.

Contact us

To allow you to attend the event (with limited seats), please write to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our team will attend you to prepare your trip to Bordeaux.

 The entrepreneurs’ Bankside is an initiative led by committed entrepreneurs in Bordeaux (France). On Friday, March 29 they will set up a meeting between from rising young companies with a need for growth and investments.

The entrepreneurs Bankside is relying on direct relation between investors and entrepreneurs. No experts committee : an interactive self assessment open to every entry partner to check his own project ; advices from pairs to improve.

The entrepreneurs Bankside is following the original pattern : 80 persons joining on the ship on the garonne River.

Aside from usual shows, the entrepreneurs Bankside is relying on concentration : carefully prepared pitch sequences followed by face-to-face meeting, allowing direct relation openness and business.& the ambition of the entrepreneurs Bankside is to

  • foster the development of already existing companies,
  • boost the projects willing to settle in Bordeaux (but not only),
  • and connect gifted entrepreneurs and the wise investors from France, Europe, and the global stage.
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